Slide Nancy Smeda Your Advisor and Psychological Counsellor Nancy Smeda is a certified psychological counsellor. She holds a diploma in Psychological and Social Counselling from Sigmund Freud University in Vienna, Austria. Nancy is a licensed practitioner in neuro-linguistic programming (NPL). In addition to being an expert in guidance, training and psychological counselling for over 5 years.

Nancy Semeda was the former ambassador of the Austrian Ministry of Integration. She specializes in Business Etiquette and International Cultures accredited by the Academy of Arts and International Protocol (IPEA London).

Nancy is the author of (Are You an Emotional Idiot?) Book (هل أنت غبي عاطفياً)


The path to success is full of challenges and obstacles, and only those armed with a will and determination can cross to achieve their goals.

هل أنت غبي عاطفيا

Why do we meet people and become fascinated with their personalities, and envy them for their confidence , their quick response, their ability to persuade, and influence? What do they have that you do not? And why do you always think that they are better than you, more stable and self-confident?


Life is a tough journey that we all must endure, we might stumble and fall, in need of a helping hand to guide us through our journey, supporting us in every step of the way.

I am here to offer you a hand of specialized assistance to cross together towards a better reality and  life, through psychological and counselling sessions.


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Turning to a psychologist means that you feel that your life is not going according to your wishes.

You may suffer from depression, loss, or negative feelings as a result of painful experiences. So, you need someone who will understand you and help you through understanding yourself, overcoming your obstacles, pain, and sorrow through a trained specialist who will provide you with all the support and advice you need to get through this.

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